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For the Love of Commodore James Norrington

where have all the good men gone?

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This community is dedicated to Commodore James Norrington of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" lore. He's a gentleman. He's a pirate. He's pure love. If you, too, harbor a strong appreciation for a "fine gentleman," please do join us!


Unlike dear James, we are more relaxed about rules. However, there are a few that we do have, and the breaking of these will not be tolerated:

1) No flaming.
Everyone has something they'd like to contribute but are afraid to because, well, the internet can be an unfriendly place. Please offer constructive criticism only, and try to keep things positive. If ever in doubt, think to yourself, think "What Would James Do?"

2) No illegal stuff.
This means no bootlegs, no bittorrent links, warez links, or pirated anything. Nada. If these are things that interest you, fine, but don't post/mention them in this journal. You may post music videos, footage etc contained on sites such as YouTube and Imeem, etc. You may post fan soundtracks (FSTs) if you put the soundtrack information behind a cut.

3) Use LiveJournal cuts.
This goes for large and/or spoiler-y images, icon posts featuring more than 4 icons or which contain spoilers, long posts (including fanfiction and drabbles), etc. Use your judgment and be respectful of a person's screen real-estate.

4) Spoiler/NSFW Warnings are Required.
If you are posting something that would be considered a spoiler, it must be labeled as a spoiler and hidden behind a Live Journal cut. Likewise, if something is not safe for work (NSFW), it must also be labeled and hidden. What is NSFW can sometimes be subject to opinion; generally things of a sexual, violent or generally offensive nature are considered NSFW. Please err on the side of caution. If you post NSFW content without a warning and cut, you will be removed from the community post-haste. People can lose their jobs over stray images and I would rather this community not be to blame for such an incident.


For fanfiction:
Please list the title, author information, rating (G-MA, its all welcome here. You could also label as "smut" for plot-what-plot goodness, its up to you), and a brief summary of your work, and any applicable disclaimers (NSFW, spoilers, etc) in the main post. Everything else goes behind a cut

Slash is welcome here.

For fanart/music videos/icon posts:
Feel free to share your creativity with the community! Please limit icon posts to four icons with the remainder behind a cut. Music videos and fanart do not require cuts as long as they follow rules 3 and 4 above.

*Please use the community tags and subject lines whenever possible to help keep our community organized.*

Thank you. :)

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